Sunday, December 20, 2015

Watch out for Snakes | Game Release

Blast your way through hordes of venomous deadly snakes in this short and sweet low poly retro kick back to games like “Gun Smoke”.  While traveling to Red Rock Springs your horse finally succumbs to the heat after days in the blistering sun and dies of exhaustion.  With your trusty steed grazing the meadows of the afterlife you now must travel the dangerous grounds of Snake Bite Pass on foot.


  • Retro action
  • Gorgeous low poly 3d visuals
  • 3 challenging levels
  • Simple controls and gameplay

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Landing Party Lost | 2D Pixel Art Game Screen Mockup

Mockups of a Sci-Fi Adventure Game Idea

Landing Party Lost Main Menu Game Scree Mockup

Landing Party Lost, is an idea I have been slowly kicking around.  I was watching the latest Star Trek movie and loved the look of the set where the first Klingon encounter takes place.  Then it got me thinking about Another World, also known as Out of this World.  I loved that game and have always wanted to do a game similar to it.

So sat down and quickly did a rough sketch and started to build out from there.  I wanted to combine the visuals from Pitfall on the Atari but use modern per-pixel lighting.  So I brought all of the spites and 2D images into Blender 3D and started to piece a few scenes together.  From there player movement was wired up with logic bricks and a couple of python scripts to handle room transitions and sprite animation.

I don't know if I will keep building upon this idea mostly because I just don't have a clear enough idea of how the game will play.  It did get me thinking about the need to really buckle down and finish a project, a small project would be good. 

Environment design doodle with some brain dump on top.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Plunder Bunny | Flash Game Character Mockups

plunder bunny voodoo chickens sketches and mockups

punder bunny main character sketch and vector illustration mockup

plunder bunny character sketches and vector illustration mockups

plunder bunny 2d platformer game screens collection

Another collection of design/mockup sheets for a personal project.  The game was a very simple 2D platformer in the vain of Super Mario.  I got pretty far with the game but ended up getting busy with some contract work and the project feel into the ever growing abyss of personal projects.  When I get some more free time I'd like to try and re-visit it.

The visuals were really fun to work on.  Inkscape was used to flesh out my initial sketches.  Each character was broken up into pieces like a paper puppet.  After Saving the pieces out at high resolution they would then be put back together in Blender 3D where they would be animated.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Climber | Old 2D Game Project Screenshots

Climber Screenshot using the climbing hook to get started

Climber Game Screenshot Swinging from a falling platform

A few years ago a friend and I wanted to increase our productivity on our personal projects.  We liked the idea of game jams.  There some really good ones around now, but at the time needed to keep it a little more laid back and flexible with our work schedule.

The  first and sadly only game to come out of this was a very small, very short climbing game.  The rules were simple.  We had one week to make a game that used only 1 button.  This made us really change our focus from our normal comfort zones of game design.  In the game the climber would spin a climbing hook around in a circle and when the player hit the space bar he would throw it in the direction it was currently facing.  The goal was to hit a floating platform and swing up to it.  Once on the platform it began to crumble away so you had to keep moving.  The higher you got the faster the platforms would crumble.  I made the game with Game Maker, I think it was like version 5 or 6 at the time.  All in all the game was some pretty fun.  I still enjoy the idea and might revisit it some time down the road.  I have no idea where the game files are anymore so I would have to start from scratch, but I did have these screen shots sitting on my hard drive and thought it would be fun to share them.