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Mason Man | Vector Illustration Finished

Well I think I finished the illustration of my wild man son with the family dog.  I tried to keep the detailing light and did everything inside of Inkscape.  Going to sit on this for a little bit before getting it printed.  I figure in a day or two something is going to jumping out at me that needs to get fixed or added.  Any ideas or suggestions? Let me know!

Pirate Sketch | Vector Illustration

Sketching In Inkscape Is Always Fun
Did this one just for fun.  Let the mind wander to see where it ended up.  Apparently I was thinking about pirates and lots of green.

Mega Cow | Video Game Mockup

We All Have Crazy Game Ideas...This Is Just One Of My Own

Yup its a giant mutant cow... Using Inkscape I made this game mockup after watching some MST3K late one night.  I thought it would be fun to play a game where you were the giant creature causing all of the destruction.  That is the reason the giant cow is on the right of the screen instead of the left. The player would move through the level from the right to the left, the opposite of pretty much every scrolling game... looks good in my head but might not work in actual game play.  Below are some images showing the progression from rough sketch to final mock-up.

Bottom Feeders | Mockup

An old mockup image for a friend's mobile game.  Everything was done in Inkscape and then saved out to their own png images.  The mockup was  more to work out a style and colors but I still would have liked to have gotten around to putting in some GUI elements.  I really enjoyed working on this and getting to play with colors I normally don't use.

Mason Man | WIP

Started this #inkscape #illustration of my son & the family dog last Friday with the goal of getting it printed for his room.  I need to get the dog looking like a dog and not a strange dog-squirrel hybrid.