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Plunder Bunny | Flash Game Character Mockups

Another collection of design/mockup sheets for a personal project.  The game was a very simple 2D platformer in the vain of Super Mario.  I got pretty far with the game but ended up getting busy with some contract work and the project feel into the ever growing abyss of personal projects.  When I get some more free time I'd like to try and re-visit it.

The visuals were really fun to work on.  Inkscape was used to flesh out my initial sketches.  Each character was broken up into pieces like a paper puppet.  After Saving the pieces out at high resolution they would then be put back together in Blender 3D where they would be animated.

Climber | Old 2D Game Project Screenshots

A few years ago a friend and I wanted to increase our productivity on our personal projects.  We liked the idea of game jams.  There some really good ones around now, but at the time needed to keep it a little more laid back and flexible with our work schedule.
The  first and sadly only game to come out of this was a very small, very short climbing game.  The rules were simple.  We had one week to make a game that used only 1 button.  This made us really change our focus from our normal comfort zones of game design.  In the game the climber would spin a climbing hook around in a circle and when the player hit the space bar he would throw it in the direction it was currently facing.  The goal was to hit a floating platform and swing up to it.  Once on the platform it began to crumble away so you had to keep moving.  The higher you got the faster the platforms would crumble.  I made the game with Game Maker, I think it was like version 5 or 6 at the time.  All in all the game was some …