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Edge Of The Woods | Digital Illustration

Here is another painting I did based on an idea I had of a little bunny that found his way to the dark edge of the woods.  This one was really fun to work on from start to finish.  I started with a black and white block out of the main shapes really only thinking about composition.  Next I drew over that on a new layer with a brush that looked like pencil work, this helped me detail out the shapes more.  After that I went over the entire image with an airbrush, still only working in black and white to soften some of the ares and blend the values a bit more.  Once that was done I made a new layer and went over the image with the airbrush again this time adding big patches of color.  Once I was happy with that I made yet another new layer and got a nice hard edged brush and started to work the shapes more.  I went back and forth this way until I ended up with the image above.