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2017 Postmortem

2017 is finally coming to an end and I don't have much that I can is completed as of a couple of hours ago I can proudly say that my son and I finally finished Thimbleweed Park without a walkthrough.  This is very exciting as I not only had a great time playing a brand new adventure game by one of my heroes Ron Gilbert but also was able to share the adventure with my son who is now hooked on adventure games.  Completing the game was also another reminder that as a creative person I need to balance creating with consuming.  As a full time game developer it can be exhausting when your hobby is also game development and many times you burn out on making or wanting to make to much while not consuming nearly enough.  So while it would have been nice to write down a nice list of accomplishments from this year I am just as happy to write down that I learned it is just as important to feed your creative side as it is for you to create stuff and most importantly to share that experience h…