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Rocky Terrain | Blender Internal Rendering

I saw a really awesome render of some rocks the other day and was inspired to see if I could recreate a version of my own of some rocky terrain so I made this little scene.  The scene was modled, rendered and composited in Blender 3D.  It is a very simple scene and made just for fun in a couple of hours.  The rocks are all subsurface cube objects that I run a noise displacement map on using the world coordinates.  This allowed me to just make instances of the cube and drag them around the scene to get different rock shapes.  Some of the rocks needed to be scaled to get some more size variation but that is pretty much the only thing that is different about them other then their positions.  It was actually really fun to just move the cube around the scene and watch these random rock shapes form.  After the layout was done I added in some particle grass to break the ground up.  Not enough time was spent on the grass so it looks pretty bad but at the time it did its job.  After rendering…