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Shopping in the Zombie Apocalypse | Digital Illustration

Shopping in the zombie apocalypse, this is a concept piece I did about a year ago now.  Like many people out there I also enjoy the idea of a good old fashioned zombie apocalyptic world.  It would be utterly horrifying to be faced with the idea of being eaten alive by a pack of rotting blood thirsty living dead.  But, who wouldn't want to explore the world after people?  With all the places to explore it would feel like being on a different planet.  For me it goes into that child hood fantasy of wanting to spend the night in the mall with all of the stores open and you, just for one night can do whatever you wanted too!  That would be AWESOME!  Maybe that is one of the reason I love working on environments so much.  It becomes very easy to get lost in the idea and emotions of what you are trying to have the viewer feel.