Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tokyo Flood Tunnel 2 | Blender Internal Rendering

Another image based on the Tokyo flood tunnels.  Needs a bit more work and a some fixes but its almost there.  I'm really enjoying making these little scenes and would like to keep it up.  It would be great to get a new one done every week as its a really good practice to keeping the scenes small not getting caught up in the tiny details but focusing on the larger picture.  A good example of that is the stairs, since I give my self 2-4 hours for these scenes (not counting render time) I kept the stairs very basic with just cubes pushed and pulled to the right shapes with little to no detail.  Normally I would spend too much time getting caught up in modeling everything out as best I could...and then get bored and never work on the image again.  Keeping my self on a tight hourly schedule for these scenes I am able to judge what I should be modeling and what I can just use a box or other primitive object for and moving on.