Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Plunder Bunny | Flash Game Character Mockups

plunder bunny voodoo chickens sketches and mockups

punder bunny main character sketch and vector illustration mockup

plunder bunny character sketches and vector illustration mockups

plunder bunny 2d platformer game screens collection

Another collection of design/mockup sheets for a personal project.  The game was a very simple 2D platformer in the vain of Super Mario.  I got pretty far with the game but ended up getting busy with some contract work and the project feel into the ever growing abyss of personal projects.  When I get some more free time I'd like to try and re-visit it.

The visuals were really fun to work on.  Inkscape was used to flesh out my initial sketches.  Each character was broken up into pieces like a paper puppet.  After Saving the pieces out at high resolution they would then be put back together in Blender 3D where they would be animated.