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Wireframe Pass 2 Wrap Up

Wrapping up the last few images for the wireframe I hit the stride I should have had all along.  Even though the last 5 rooms were by far the hardest to block in there was a different feeling to the process of getting them up to speed.  While they were the hardest to get my self motivated to complete they were actually the easiest to complete. 

Props and details will come as the gameplay gets solidified.

The first quarter of the rooms felt really new and fresh so I kind of approached them as a standalone illustration and could easily blow 30-40 minutes on one.  By the time I got to the last 10% I was so worn out creatively that I just wanted them done so I would slap them together as fast as possible to convey the initial thinking.

That really is the way that I should have approached all of them from the very start.  When you spend even 30-40 minutes on something like this you do tend to get a little attached.  That makes it so much harder to look at the room in the context of the entire project and judge its value that way.  Instead you end up getting attached even if just a little and that makes it much harder to freely iterate on and turn it into something better and more purposeful. 

Doing all the work I have been doing and then writing about it here has actually helped me think about these kinds of things more.  The feel I hit at the end was nothing new I have had that same experience many times especially since I do this for a living too.  But writing about it while I am or have just gone through it does make me think about it more.  No wonder people keep journals hahaha.


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